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Sean Sullivan/President/ Living Stone Design + Build

You might think after 20 years of

building some of the most

intricately designed and

technically advanced homes in

Asheville, and picking up more

than 100 awards in the process,

Sean Sullivan might miss a few

details here and there.

Fortunately for his clients, you’d

be incorrect. It never ceases to

amaze that every time he walks

into one of Living Stone’s homes

he knows where every nail went,

and more importantly, why it went

there. Every surface, angle and

material used is there exactly

because it will improve the quality

of life of the homeowner.

Everything he, and by extension

his company, does is thought out

to maximize his client’s enjoyment

of their home and for the

company to accomplish this as

efficiently as possible. After

meeting Sean, it becomes

obvious why his company’s

mantra is “

Build With No Regrets