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Annie Littell

Curating spaces that not

only share a stylish and

functional backdrop for the

furnishings that adorn them,

but also embodying healthy

and comfortable living is what

IDology is all about. We take

clients through the journey of

selecting and designing their

home to embrace who they

are while cultivating a spirit of

uniqueness and individuality.

We place early emphasis

on space planning and

thoughtfully specifying finishes

to give you the best liveable

space. Often furnishings are

an afterthought and do a

disservice to the function

and comfort of the beautiful

home that you are moving into.

We will give you a furnished

home with no regrets.

Frank Turchi

When you invest in building your home with us, we

invest in your health by building green. By building green

we ensure that no toxic chemicals or products are used

in your home. In other words, we limit off-gassing to

protect your family’s health and safety. This has been

an amazing project, while working hand in hand with

the Gold’s to create their dream home, from the site

and placement to incorporating Universal Design,

to maximizing views. It’s great when our standard

of providing quality craftsmanship creates

lasting friendships.


The Team


Healthy Living