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Chef Owen's beautiful dish is

made with the finest seasonal

ingredients you can find in

the Southeast during late

summer and early fall.

The sausage is one pound

ground pork shoulder mixed

with these ingredients:

1 Tbsp of: smoked paprika /

garlic powder / cayenne

pepper / dark chili powder /

onion powder / fennel seed /

caraway seed / dried


2 tsp of: sugar / chili flake

12 green olives ground

Mix all ingredients well in a

large bowl. Brown the

mixture in a sauté pan and


Vegetables for sauté:

1 Cup of: roasted corn

kernels / sliced okra / cherry


1 Tbsp of: finely diced

shallots / minced garlic /


2 Tbsp of: finely chopped

poblano peppers / pureed

grilled pineapple / chicken


Sauté all vegetables for 2

minutes in a small amount of

olive oil. Add sausage and

continue to cook for 2-3

minutes. Deglaze the pan

with chicken stock and

pureed pineapple and cook

until almost totally reduced.

Pairs well with grilled octopus

(seen here) or with scallops.

Charred Octopus with Linguiça

Sausage & Seasonal Vegetable